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State Track Bests (2016)

Montana high school track and field leaders updated weekly through the end of the 2016 season compiled by Jeff Hedstrom for and the Missoulian. The times for the running events were timed out to the hundredths of a second, but .24 seconds were added to the times at the hand-timed meets. If there are any time corrections or missing meets, please feel free to send amendments to @Montana_Track on Twitter or email at

(The all-class state records are in parentheses)


100 meters (10.67) – Kelly Murnion, Jordan 10.96; Damien Nelson, Great Falls CMR 10.99; Drew Turner, Kalispell Glacier 10.99; Gabe Sulser, Billings Senior 11.00; John Tolentino, Helena 11.02; Ethan Larson, Kalispell Glacier 11.02; Ryan Arntson, Helena 11.04; Tanner Dana, Columbia Falls 11.04; Bobby Lowry, Kalispell Flathead 11.05; Troy Andersen, Dillon 11.05; Tyler McQueen, Billings Senior 11.07; Keaton Anderson, Billings Senior 11.08; Nick VanHorssen, Helena 11.10; Lane Sumner, Huntley Project 11.19

200 meters (21.06) – Kelly Murnion, Jordan 21.88***; Drew Turner, Kalispell Glacier 22.03; Cleet Wrzesinski, Ennis 22.05***; Connor Matthews, Helena 22.12; John Tolentino, Helena 22.13; Tyler McQueen, Billings Senior 22.23; Scout Willcut, Kalispell Glacier 22.26; Gabe Sulser, Billings Senior 22.40; Troy Andersen, Dillon 22.42; Keaton Anderson, Billings Senior 22.44; Tanner Dana, Columbia Falls 22.52; Bill Yeager, Twin Bridges 22.52; Jared Schwend, Joliet 22.52

***Murnion broke the Class C 200 meter record of 22.16 by Lee Peterson (Hot Springs),

***C. Wrzesinski broke the Class C 200 meter record of 22.16

400 meters (47.75) – Connor Matthews, Helena 47.75***; Kelly Murnion, Jordan 48.36 (48.64**); Tyler McQueen, Billings Senior 48.89; Bill Yeager, Twin Bridges 48.99; Simon Petsch, Billings West 49.02; Dawson LaRance, Billings Senior 49.28; Caleb Neth, Manhattan 49.35; Scout Willcut, Kalispell Glacier 49.86; Koltin Haugrose, Belt 50.09; Rahkei Eyer, Boulder 50.10; Cade Johnstone, Forsyth 50.12; Bruce Thomas, Corvallis 50.14; Nate Rismon, Havre 50.33

***Matthews broke the all-class 400 meter record of 47.9 by Mike Guon (Great Falls),

**Murnion broke the Class C 400 meter record of 48.68 by Todd Riech (Hot Springs),

800 meters (1:51.84) – Dawson LaRance, Billings Senior 1:53.14; Simon Petsch, Billings West 1:53.89; Ryan McNamara, Helena 1:55.96; Riley Collins, Bozeman 1:56.65; Hunter Casey, Stevensville 1:56.68; Kody Torgerson, Great Falls 1:56.98; Logan Morley, Bigfork 1:57.14; Peter Kirgis, Missoula Hellgate 1:57.29; Jaden Anderson, Kalispell Flathead 1:57.59; Moritz Little, Red Lodge 1:57.75; Ashton Jones, Glendive 1:58.14; Bradey Wilson, Noxon 1:58.41; Josh Jessop, Corvallis 1:58.50; Tristan Hilgart, Glendive 1:58.76

1600 meters (4:12.06) – Jake Perrin, Kalispell Flathead 4:12.06***; Chase Equall, Bozeman 4:13.59; Peter Kirgis, Missoula Hellgate 4:15.99; Logan Morley, Bigfork 4:17.18; Aidan Reed, Helena 4:20.12; Dawson LaRance, Billings Senior 4:20.78; Riley Collins, Bozeman 4:21.42; Iain Anderson, Helena 4:25.42; Ben Perrin, Kalispell Flathead 4:25.84; Sage Wanner, Columbia Falls 4:26.34; Marshall Beatty, Missoula Sentinel 4:26.84; Cameron Meikle, Hamilton 4:27.15; Josh Jessop, Corvallis 4:27.40; Peder Rickbeil, Billings Senior 4:28.34; Evan Duggan, Darby 4:34.45

***J. Perrin broke the all-class 1600 meter record of 4:13.29 by David Vidal (Flathead),

3200 meters (9:04.35) – Jake Perrin, Kalispell Flathead 9:02.49** (9:04.35***); Aidan Reed, Helena 9:06.91***; Chase Equall, Bozeman 9:13.40; Logan Morley, Bigfork 9:22.12; Peter Kirgis, Missoula Hellgate 9:31.12; Marshall Beatty, Missoula Sentinel 9:33.47; Cameron Meikle, Hamilton 9:34.36; Collin Buck, Great Falls CMR 9:34.51; Ben Perrin, Kalispell Flathead 9:35.50; Isaac Schmidt, Missoula Hellgate 9:38.39; Riley Collins, Bozeman 9:39.24; Cooper West, Great Falls CMR 9:43.43; Morris Wecker, Missoula Hellgate 9:43.96; Sage Wanner, Columbia Falls 9:44.50; Evan Duggan, Darby

** ran time at Arcadia Invitational in California, best time in Montana

***J. Perrin broke the all-class 3200 meter record of 9:12.38 by Adam Peterman

***Reed broke the all-class 3200 meter record of 9:12.38

110 hurdles (14.21) – Gabe Sulser, Billings Senior 14.24; Derrick Olsen, Helena 14.34; Aaron Robinson, Kalispell Glacier 14.42; Jamison Hermanson, Great Falls 14.75; Jared Schwend, Joliet 14.89; Cleet Wrzesinski, Ennis 14.90; Jacob Clairmont, Polson 14.95Haiden Collins, Lewistown 15.04*; Caleb Neth, Manhattan 15.20; Koltin Haugrose, Belt 15.21; Connor Dowdy, Helena Capital 15.36; Josh Wulfekuhle, Thompson Falls 15.38

300 hurdles (37.66) – Cleet Wrzesinski, Ennis 37.90**; Caleb Neth, Manhattan 38.32; Aaron Robinson, Kalispell Glacier 38.44; Koltin Haugrose, Belt 38.50; Tyler Gurchiek, Billings West 38.82; Gabe Sulser, Billings Senior 39.07; Jared Schwend, Joliet 39.32; Jamison Hermanson, Great Falls 39.45; Haiden Collins, Lewistown 39.46; Jacob Clairmont, Polson 39.50; Connor Dowdy, Helena Capital 39.79; Justin May, Chester-JI 40.02; Michael Delaney, Charlo 40.13

**C. Wrzesinski, Ennis broke the Class C 300 meter hurdles record of 38.04 by Kurt Sager (Shields Valley), 1998

400 meter relay (41.48) – Kalispell Glacier 41.96; Billings Senior 42.08; Helena 42.10; Billings West 42.88; Ennis 42.95**; Manhattan 42.99; Helena Capital 43.19; Kalispell Flathead 43.25; Missoula Sentinel 43.29; Boulder 43.42; Columbia Falls 43.45; Sidney 43.58; Great Falls CMR 43.69; Dillon 43.84; Polson 43.85; Butte Central 43.90; Huntley Project 43.93; Missoula Big Sky 43.98; Deer Lodge 43.98

**Ennis broke the Class C 400 meter relay record of 43.61 by Sheridan, 1985

1600 meter relay (3:19.26) – Helena 3:19.96; Manhattan 3:22.58; Ennis 3:24.00**; Billings Senior 3:24.15; Boulder 3:25.11; Billings West 3:25.43; Havre 3:25.77; Columbia Falls 3:26.44; Helena Capital 3:26.71; Bozeman 3:27.00; Corvallis 3:28.02; Bigfork 3:28.57; Kalispell Glacier 3:28.84; Kalispell Flathead 3:29.37; Billings Skyview 3:29.45; Lewistown 3:29.69; Missoula Big Sky 3:30.45

**Ennis broke the Class C 1600 meter relay record of 3:24.92 by Harlowton, 1998

* – converted hand times (added .24)

Long Jump (23-8) – Caleb Neth, Manhattan 23-4 ½; Keaton Anderson, Billings Senior 22-7 ½; Charlie Carr, Bozeman 22-5 ¾; Marcus Lindquist, Missoula Big Sky 22-4; Jory Abelman, Billings West 22-2 ¼; Seth Omsberg, Cut Bank 22-2 ¼; Ty Stanton, Jordan 22-0 ½; Logan Kleinhans, Bozeman 22-0; Trae Vasquez, Kalispell Flathead 21-9 ½; Benji Phillips, Glasgow 21-8 ¼; Mark Estes, Drummond 21-8; Camren Kovarik, Missoula Sentinel 21-6 ½; Justin May, Chester-JI 21-5 ½; Carson Oakland, Glendive 21-4 ¾

Triple Jump (48-9 ½) – Ty Stanton, Jordan 45-6 ½; Mark Estes, Drummond 45-4; Marcus Lindquist, Missoula Big Sky 45-3; Brexton Frost, Billings Skyview 44-7; Cantor Coverdell, Fairfield 44-6 ½; Nate McGree, Butte Central 44-5; Luke Harper, Dillon 44-5; Jory Abelman, Billings West 44-0 ¼; Josh Malone, Missoula Big Sky 44-0; Tommy McDuffie, Helena Capital 43-11 ¼; Jacob Hadley, Billings Central 43-10; Lucas Blankers, Eureka 43-7 ¼; Logan Kleinhans, Bozeman 43-6

High Jump (7-1) – Jacob Hadley, Billings Central 6-6 ¼; Keaton Anderson, Billings Senior 6-6; Logan Kleinhans, Bozeman 6-6; Parker Spadt, Frenchtown 6-6; Sean Opland, Troy 6-5; Charlie Carr, Bozeman 6-5; Seth Omsberg, Cut Bank 6-5; Brandon Porter, Deer Lodge 6-4; Adam Buxbaum, Culbertson 6-4; Cordell McGinley, Dillon 6-4; Kevin Blanksma, Manhattan Christian 6-2; Payden Lynn, Three Forks 6-2

Pole Vault (16-4) – Sam Roddewig, Helena 15-3; Jake Bradford, Billings West 15-3; Garrison Hughes, Sidney 15-2; Charles Barron, Billings Senior 15-1; Jacob Clairmont, Polson 15-0; Knox Semenza, Great Falls CMR 15-0; Lawrence Moore, Bozeman 14-9; Shondel Connerton, Manhattan 14-6; Tyler Gurchiek, Billings West 14-6; Jake Gascon, Thompson Falls 14-4; Ben Tesseneer, Bozeman 14-1; Zachary Riphenburg, Cascade 13-0

Shot Put (68-0 ½) – Alec Nehring, Manhattan 60-6**; Michael Smith, Helena Capital 53-0; Bryson Deming, Billings West 52-10; Reece Hutton, Harlem 52-4 ¼; Braydon Deming, Billings West 52-1; Matt Harrison, Lewistown 51-10; Josh McCracken, Kalispell Flathead 50-9; Trase LeTexier, Boulder 50-5 ¼; Chase Benson, Helena 50-3 ½; Kyle Finch, Dillon 50-1; Owen Davis, Eureka 49-5; Emmit Bartsch, Billings Senior 49-4 ¾; Ty Morgan, Ennis

**Nehring broke the Class B shot put record of 57-11 by Tucker Yates (Colstrip), 2014

Discus (193-7) – Alec Nehring, Manhattan 179-7; Austin Forson, Deer Lodge 171-3; Braydon Deming, Billings West 166-2; Emmit Bartsch, Billings Senior 164-11; Bryson Deming, Billings West 164-7; Cade Wessel, Bozeman 164-3; Skylar Jessop, Corvallis 163- 11; McKenzie Holt, Thompson Falls 163-4; Ethan Saberhagen, Billings Senior 162-2; Charles Barron, Billings Senior 159-11; Ben Hardy, Fairview 157-6; Ty Morgan, Ennis 157-1; Josh McCracken, Kalispell Flathead 157-0; Patrick Griffin, Dillon 149-7

Javelin (213-4*) – Luke May, Whitefish 205-4; Casey Cole, Laurel 197-0; Benji Phillips, Glasgow 196-3; Cade Wessel, Bozeman 191-5; Dakota Bridwell, Columbia Falls 190-5; Kory Broussard, Helena Capital 187-7; Trevor Pepin, Great Falls CMR 186-7; Cade Estes, Drummond 184-8; Tyrone Hageman, Jordan 180-4; Thayne Hage, Colstrip 179-3; Kade VanElswyk, Thompson Falls 178-3; Trevor Canty, Billings West 177-9; Tadan Gilman, Kalispell Glacier 177-3

* Set with new IAAF javelin. Old javelin record is 249-7


100 meters (12.19) – Brooke Endy, Billings West 12.34; Maddie Brockel, Billings West 12.40; Shae Helterbran, Billings West 12.41; Morgan Evans, Great Falls 12.45; Hannah Coburn, Missoula Big Sky 12.52; Anna Beck, Billings Skyview 12.54; Hannah Kearns, Missoula Big Sky 12.56; Hannah Collins, Great Falls 12.56; Janae Bjorgum, Billings West 12.57; Cali Modglin, Great Falls CMR 12.59; Shelby Schweyen, Missoula Sentinel 12.60; Jaree Mane, Lewistown 12.66; Brook Kolar, Loyola Sacred Heart 12.82; Claire Fickler, Drummond 12.84

200 meters (24.4) – Maddie Brockel, Billings West 25.16; Brooke Endy, Billings West 25.16; Anna Beck, Billings Skyview 25.39; Morgan Evans, Great Falls 25.45; Ally Martin, Harlowton 25.81; Shelby Schweyen, Missoula Sentinel 25.84; Janae Bjorgum, Billings West 25.86; Cali Modglin, Great Falls CMR 25.87; Jaree Mane, Lewistown 26.02; Payge Durocher, Choteau 26.02; Jewlz Collins, West Yellowstone 26.03; Hannah Collins, Great Falls 26.13; Olivia Romei, Billings Senior 26.16

400 meters (54.62) – Carly Smiedala, Helena 56.90; Christina Aragon, Billings Senior 57.04; Trisha Carlson, Great Falls CMR 58.00; Alex Veltkamp, Manhattan Christian 58.10; Paige Harris, Plentywood 58.29; Pipi Eitel, Belgrade 58.52; Annie Hill, Kalispell Glacier 58.68; Jewlz Collins, West Yellowstone 58.69; Kim Parsell, Shelby 58.80; Leah Gannon, Fort Benton 58.93; Anna Beck, Billings Skyview 59.02; Madeline Hamilton, Missoula Sentinel 59.11; Payton Durocher, Choteau 59.34; Olivia Burgad, Missoula Sentinel 59.36

800 meters (2:05.65) – Christina Aragon, Billings Senior 2:05.65***; Carly Smiedala, Helena 2:08.52; Annie Hill, Kalispell Glacier 2:09.28; Madeline Hamilton, Missoula Sentinel 2:11.40; Madison Liechty, Missoula Sentinel 2:12.21; Trisha Carlson, Great Falls CMR 2:12.25; Kaitlin Wride, Kalispell Flathead 2:13.45; Kim Parsell, Shelby 2:14.03; Tiahna Vladic, Billings Senior 2:14.54; Pipi Eitel, Belgrade 2:16.63; Alex Veltkamp, Manhattan Christian 2:17.58; BreElle Wacker, Melstone 2:17.71; Bryn Morley, Bigfork 2:18.07; Heidi Nisly, Corvallis 2:18.23

***C. Aragon broke the all-class 800 meter record of 2:08.31 by Daniella Aragon

1600 meters (4:43.51) – Christina Aragon, Billings Senior 4:43.51***; Annie Hill, Kalispell Glacier 4:44.67; Bryn Morley, Bigfork 4:54.24; Bailee Parker, West Yellowstone 4:57.09**; Tiahna Vladic, Billings Senior 4:57.61; Kaitlin Wride, Kalispell Flathead 4:58.66; Piper Meuwissen, Bozeman 5:01.38; Madeline Hamilton, Missoula Sentinel 5:03.31; Madison Liechty, Missoula Sentinel 5:04.28; Molly MacDonald, Missoula Sentinel 5:05.55; Gillian Maness, Kalispell Flathead 5:05.59; Ella DeGranpre, Missoula Hellgate 5:06.42; Camila Noe, Bozeman 5:08.24; Kim Parsell, Shelby 5:09.63; Jacie Schmalz, Hamilton 5:15.94

***Aragon broke the all-class 1600 meter record of 4:46.34 by Christina Aragon (Senior),

**Parker broke the Class C 1600 meter record of 5:01.75 by Bailee Parker (West

3200 meters (10:23.31) – Annie Hill, Kalispell Glacier 10:14.14** (10:31.14); Christina Aragon, Billings Senior 10:22.10 (10:23.31***); Bailee Parker, West Yellowstone 10:31.82****; Tiahna Vladic, Billings Senior 10:47.71; Ella DeGranpre, Missoula Hellgate 10:48.12; Piper Meuwissen, Bozeman 10:49.58; Camila Noe, Bozeman 10:58.90; Gillian Maness, Kalispell Flathead 11:02.20; Molly MacDonald, Missoula Sentinel 11:06.47; Kenenni Wiegand, Bozeman 11:09.97; Kim Parsell, Shelby 11:17.09; Kaitlin Wride, Kalispell Flathead 11:18.07; Laina Hall, Bozeman 11:24.32; Ellee Becker, Missoula Hellgate 11:24.85; Jacie Schmalz, Hamilton 11:46.75

** ran time at Arcadia Invitational in California, best time in Montana

***Aragon broke the all-class 3200 meter record of 10:26.18 by Zoe Nelson (Flathead), 2004, time at the state meet

****Parker broke the Class C 3200 meter record of 11:03.89 by Bailee Parker (West Yellowstone)

100 hurdles (14.11) – Rachael McGree, Butte Central 14.48; Morgan Evans, Great Falls 14.70; Alexa Arthun, Manhattan 14.81; Michaela Johnson, Billings West 14.86; Hannah Coburn, Missoula Big Sky 14.89; Brittney Marosok, Billings West 14.98; Elena Carter, Helena Capital 15.18; Sophia Stiles, Malta 15.19; Allie Schulz, Whitefish 15.40; Maysee Whitney, Billings Senior 15.45; Tavy Findon, Billings Senior 15.49; Wrenzi Wrzesinski, Ennis 15.52; Shelby Philipps, Great Falls CMR 15.56; Carly Hergett, Arlee 15.60

300 hurdles (42.87) – Morgan Evans, Great Falls 43.79; Hannah Coburn, Missoula Big Sky 44.48; Alexa Arthun, Manhattan 45.05; Audri Demars, Billings West 45.31; Sophia Stiles, Malta 45.46; Jewlz Collins, West Yellowstone 45.50; Brittney Marosok, Billings West 45.66; Julia Zidack, Bozeman 45.66; Mattison McAnaly, Bigfork 45.82; Michaela Johnson, Billings West 45.91; Wrenzi Wrzesinski, Ennis 45.96; Pipi Eitel, Belgrade 46.06; Syd Steele, Missoula Sentinel 46.18

400 meter relay (48.3) – Billings West 47.55 (48.38***); Missoula Sentinel 48.69; Great Falls 48.89; Billings Senior 49.15; Choteau 49.33; Missoula Big Sky 49.42; Missoula Hellgate 49.66; Billings Skyview 49.66; Bozeman 49.76; Helena Capital 49.91; Butte Central 50.06; Columbia Falls 50.14; Bigfork 50.23; Whitefish 50.40; Great Falls CMR 50.41; Helena 50.58; Butte 50.75; Kalispell Glacier 50.76; Seeley-Swan 50.95

***Billings West tied the FAT all-class 400 meter relay record of 48.38 by Missoula Big

1600 meter relay (3:52.46) – Billings West 3:55.73; Billings Senior 3:55.96; Missoula Sentinel 3:59.22; Kalispell Glacier 4:01.87; Missoula Hellgate 4:02.73; Helena 4:02.92; Seeley-Swan 4:03.92**; Belgrade 4:05.62; Bozeman 4:05.64; Great Falls CMR 4:05.84; Kalispell Flathead 4:07.74; Great Falls 4:08.51; Bigfork 4:09.28; Columbia Falls 4:09.51; Twin Bridges 4:09.52; Whitefish 4:10.51; Billings Skyview 4:10.59; Laurel 4:10.76

**Seeley-Swan broke the Class C 1600 meter relay record of 4:06.25 by Seeley-Swan,

* – converted hand times (added .24)

Long Jump (18-11 ¾) – Hannah Coburn, Missoula Big Sky 18-2 ¾; Delaney Bahn, Bozeman 17-11 ¾; Sophia Stiles, Malta 17-9; Rachael McGree, Butte Central 17-6 ½; Brynn McChesney, Kalispell Glacier 17-5 ½; Abby Dodge, Butte 17-5 ½; Ashley McElmurry, Missoula Sentinel 17-5; Brook Kolar, Loyola Sacred Heart 17-4 ½; Hannah Kearns, Missoula Big Sky 17-4; Trisha Carlson, Great Falls CMR 17-4; Daniella Russell, Red Lodge 17-3 ½; Shelby Schweyen, Missoula Sentnel 17-3 ¼; Autry Hannum, Bozeman 17-3; Madison Hill, St. Regis 16-8 ¼

Triple Jump (39-2) – Sophia Stiles, Malta 36-7 ¾; Autry Hannum, Bozeman 36-6; Abi Fiske, Kalispell Glacier 36-4 ½; Ashley McElmurry, Missoula Sentinel 36-4; Hannah Kearns, Missoula Big Sky 36-4; Abby Dodge, Butte 36-3; Rachael McGree, Butte Central 35-10 ½; Jedera Liddell, Billings Skyview 35-8 ½; Trisha Carlson, Great Falls CMR 35-8 ¼; Tyler Olson, Bozeman 35-5 ¼; Alexa Arthun, Manhattan 35-4 ½; Mariah Hinson, Stevensville 35-4; Shelby Browning, Winnett-Grass Range 35-3; Jourdain Klein, Ennis 35-2

High Jump (5-9 ½) – Kacia Guisinger, Hamilton 5-6; Jade Smith, Billings Central 5-6; Morgan Allen, Three Forks 5-5; Shey Hannum, Thompson Falls 5-5; Shelby Schweyen, Missoula Sentinel 5-5; Delaney Bahn, Bozeman 5-5; Camille Landon, Bozeman 5-5; Jordyn Schweyen, Missoula Sentinel 5-4; Dani Urick, Belt 5-4; Alex Bohlman, Seeley-Swan 5-3; Abby Dodge, Butte 5-3; Brenna Osksa, Plentywood 5-3; Jourdain Klein, Ennis 5-3; Sequerah Allyene, Billings Skyview 5-3; Savannah Perschon, Helena Capital 5-3; Aislinn Overby, Bozeman 5-3; Kailee Oliverson, Twin Bridges 5-2

Pole Vault (13-0) – Julie Rockenbaugh, Helena 11-6; Kamden Hilborn, Helena 11-3; Aubry Kessel, Sidney 11-1; Katrina Terry, Billings West 11-0; Shae Helterbran, Billings West 11-0; Ashley Caffrey, Columbia Falls 10-6; Alexa Arthun, Manhattan 10-6; Lydia Bowman, Polson 10-6; Tendra Palin, Billings West 10-6; Mariah Brelsford, Bozeman 10-6; Harmony Hampton, Sidney 10-6; Taylor Bess, Hamilton 10-6; Paige Harris, Plentywood

Shot Put (47-6) – Keaunna Mason, Hardin 43-1; Allyson Gimbel, Columbia Falls 40-7; Leah Thompson, Plains 40-4; Halie Kananen, Helena Capital 40-3; Emerald Toth, Bozeman 40-2 ¾; Shanna Florschinger, Helena 39-10 ¼; Lauren Emter, Livingston 39-9 ½; Melanie Gassaway, Kalispell Glacier 39-5 ½; Nikki Krueger, Kalispell Glacier 39-3 ¾; Kaitlyn Smith, Malta 38-6 ½; Savanna Walker, Miles City 38-5; Hailey Poole, Colstrip 37-8; Taylor Stringari, Shephard 37-7 ¾

Discus (154-11) – Leah Thompson, Plains 154-11***; Brookelyn Palin, Corvallis 132-8; Hailey Poole, Colstrip 132-5; Keaunna Mason, Hardin 130-9; Lauren Emter, Livingston 130-5; Calla Haldorson, Corvallis 129-5; Nikki Krueger, Kalispell Glacier 128-9; Lindsay Benson, Manhattan Christian 126-0; Jessica Thompson, Plains 123-7; Savanna Walker, Miles City 123-0; Payton Tillotson, Stevensville 122-9; Halie Kananen, Helena Capital 120-9; Abbie Lohof, Laurel 120-5

***L. Thompson broke the all-class discus record of 154-10 by Bree Fuqua (Polson), 1999

Javelin (152-8*) – Hailey Poole, Colstrip 152-8***; Carley Vonheeder, Plains 145-7; Kaitlyn Smith, Malta 145-3; Kimberly Earhart, Plains 142-6; Alex Bohlman, Seeley-Swan 139-9; Zena Smith, Corvallis 139-8; Kylie Frohlich, Missoula Sentinel 135-9; Darby Henthorn, Missoula Hellgate 135-3; Chelesia Hammond, Billings Skyview 135-2; Mariah Corrigan, Polson 133-5; Shana Cosby, Great Falls CMR 133-0; Dani Urick, Belt 130-7; Alyssa Wisher, Kalispell Flathead 130-4

* Set with new IAAF javelin. Old javelin record is 172-0

***Poole broke the all-class javelin record of 149-6 by Marissa Tschida (Loyola), 2005

  • 03 Feb 2015

    UPDATED: 2015 national signing day's western Montana football commits

    UPDATED: With fall camps just around the corner, the list of western Montana natives in the Missoulian's coverage area has swelled near 50. Take a look:
      It’s national signing day 2015 and the National Letters of Intent were flying around this morning with local athletes securing their spots with college football programs. We’ll keep you updated with the area players who have made their commitments known throughout the day. Here’s a quick look at what we have so far. Don’t forget this is just a bare bones list right now and it will be updated often. Don’t see your name or your kid listed here? Leave it in the comments, or get in contact with us at or on twitter (@ajmazzolini).   MONTANA (4) TE Colin Bingham, Missoula Big Sky DE Andrew Harris, Kalispell Glacier S Josh Sandry, Bigfork DE Jesse Sims, Corvallis MONTANA STATE (5) LB Josh Hill, Kalispell Glacier LB Tanner Hoff, Hot Springs WR Logan Jones, Kalispell Glaicer QB Brady McChesney, Kalispell Glacier DE Byron Rollins, Missoula Sentinel EASTERN WASHINGTON (1) TE Jayce Gilder, Corvallis NORTH DAKOTA (1) TE Brock Shaide, Missoula Big Sky CARROLL COLLEGE (1) WR Paul Wilson, Missoula Hellgate MONTANA TECH (9) WR/RB Nate Gray, Hot Springs RB Jackson King, Missoula Sentinel WR/RB Danny Mannix, Flint Creek WR Sam McCamley, Kalispell Glacier WR Ty Morgan, Columbia Falls OL Matt Murphy, Missoula Big Sky OL Truman Pisk, Kalispell Glacier DB Tucker Rauthe, Kalispell Glacier LB Ike Schweikert, Columbia Falls MONTANA WESTERN (12) OL Zach Brown, Hamilton RB/LB Joe Caicedo, Darby WR Devin Cochran, Kalispell Glacier RB Cory Diaz, Missoula Big Sky RB/LB Jason Ferris, Dillon QB/S J.D. Ferris, Dillon WR/DB Justin Ferris, Dillon QB/DB Bo Hughs, Loyola Sacred Heart (transfer) RB/LB Raymond Matt, St. Ignatius LB Connor McKillop, Missoula Sentinel WR/DB Austin Ray, Corvallis OL Spencer Ross, Columbia Falls MONTANA STATE-NORTHERN (6) RB Zach Crace, Libby LB Travis Crawford, Missoula Big Sky FB Lane Foster, Hot Springs DL Trevor Frandsen, Missoula Big Sky MLB Jonathan Gragg, Missoula Hellgate OL Ryan Handley, Missoula Hellgate ROCKY MOUNTAIN COLLEGE (3) LB Joe Gallatin, Polson DE Jesse Grabowska, Florence RB Marty Pigeon, Loyola Sacred Heart DICKINSON STATE (1) DB Cain Boschee, Kalispell Glacier LEHIGH (1) OL Harrison Kauffman, Kalispell Glacier MACALESTER COLLEGE (1) WR Jack Streibich, Whitefish
  • 23 May 2014

    Makena Morley gets creative to fund trip to track nationals

    Ever wanted an autographed photo of one of Montana's all-time record-breaking prep runners? Now's your chance. Bigfork High School junior and State B champion of champions Makena Morley is raising money through technology and grass roots to help her reach the New Balance Outdoor High School Track & Field Nationals meet in Greensboro, North Carolina in mid June. And any donors of $25 or more through the fundraising website receive a Morley original complete with signature.  As of this posting, Morley is about 75 percent of the way to her goal of $2,300 for travel and lodging costs for her and her father to the national meet. Events run June 13-15. Morley isn't new to the national running scene, but she appears to be getting create in funding her trips there. She won the West Regional of the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships back in December and then finished eighth in the ensuing national race. "As a junior I have been to 4 national championship races (three in cross country and one for indoor track) but I have never won a national title, so this one is very important to me because I would love for this to be the year for me to win," Morley wrote on her fundraising page. "It is an important year for my college recruiting process, because this is the year when all colleges are looking at you and at what you have accomplished!" IndieGoGo is a kind of online kickstarter to raise money for a cause or idea. It's "the world’s most established crowdfunding platform," according to the organization's website. Crowdfunding is the process of pooling money from many different people for a cause. Morley, a three-time winner of the State B cross country title and Gatorade Runner of the Year for Montana, plans to run the 5,000 meters at the New Balance Nationals along with either the one or two mile. For more about her trip to nationals, or to donate, you can visit her page here.

  • 12 Feb 2015

    Entry to Montana wrestling's Four-Timers Club just got tougher

    Winning four straight state wrestling titles is hard enough, but the reclassification of weight classes in Montana that began this year will likely make the feat decidedly more difficult. When the Montana High Schools Association shifted from 15 to 13 wrestling classes, it eliminated the weight at which many four-timers wrestled as freshmen. The 98 and 105 weights were combined -- as were 195 and 220 on the upper end -- to form a new hybrid weight of 103 that will leave fewer holes in brackets and dual lineups. But it also adds new competition for the lightest weight, the one typically housing freshmen, by doubling the participants. "It's going to be interesting with the weight changes," said Columbia Falls wrestling coach Jesse Schaeffer, who has a senior in his wrestling room chasing state title No. 4 this week in Shonn Roberts. "I think that's going to maybe reduce that." Twenty-three Montana wrestlers have completed their four-peats and 11 of those started at 98 pounds of lower -- Gene Davis of Missoula County High, the state's first four-timer, won his freshman year at 95 pounds in 1960 before a similar weight shift later in the decade. Add in Roberts, who will compete at 138 pounds when state action begins Friday in Billings but won at 98 in 2012, and that's exactly half. "It's kind of weird since that's what I wrestled at as a freshman," Roberts began, "but 103, the 98-105 mix, I think that's reasonable. It'll make things a little bit tougher." That's hardly the thinking behind merging weights, though. At either extreme ends of the weight scale (195 and 220 became the 205 class) fewer teams -- especially at lower classifications -- could field a full lineup. Many times, too few entrants there led to a state bracket marred by automatic byes and regular season duals that might as well skip on to 105 pounds anyway. The unintended consequence is that 2015 may be near the last time wrestling fans will get a trio of four-time possibles all on the mats at the same time. Sidney's Gresh Jones joins Roberts in the Class A tournament this week at 126 pounds searching for his fourth, while Forsyth's Matt Weber will be the talk of Class B-C with a potential fourth title. Both boys won their first -- and lightest -- at 112 pounds, though.