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Western Montana 2013 all-conference volleyball teams

The following is a full list of Montana all-conference volleyball teams within the Missoulian’s coverage area. The list will be updated as new information is provided.

All-state teams will also be posted as soon as the teams are available:


First Team All-Conference

OH – Emma Andrews, sr., Flathead; Tessa Krueger, Glacier, jr.

RS – Katie Wiley, jr., Glacier.

MH – Cassi Hashley, sr., Glacier; Timi Severson, sr., Flathead.

S – Hannah Liss, jr., Glacier.

DS – Nouf Al-Rashoodi, sr., Flathead; Lauren Cady, jr., Sentinel.

L – Elise Mathis, sr., Capital; Iris Matulevich, sr., Flathead.

Second Team All-Conference

OH – Savanah Swanson, sr., Helena.

MH – Regan Fruh, sr., Helena; Michaela Dowdy, sr., Capital; Krista Hunton, sr., Sentinel.

S –Rayna Pilgeram, jr., Capital; Jessica Simmons, jr., Flathead.

DS – Hannah Atlee, sr., Glacier; Alicia Norling, sr., Helena.

L – Kayla Russell, jr., Glacier.

Honorable Mention All-Conference

OH – Kenzi Johnston, jr., Capital; Lizzie Sherwood, so., Flathead.

RS – Alexis Danz, fr., Helena.

MH – Jenna Starke, jr., Helena; Rachel Martens, jr., Hellgate; Sarah Risenhoover, sr., Flathead.

S – Madison Richtmeyer, so., Helena; Paula Woerlein, jr., Hellgate.

L – Laura Jo Fiorita, sr., Helena.


First Team All-Conference

OH – Aubree Mason, sr., Skyview; Caitlin Lonergan, so., Bozeman.

RS – Andrea Bowers, sr., Senior; Bekah Ellis, sr., Skyview.

MH – Taylor Mims, jr., Senior; Hailey Copinga, jr., Skyview.

S – Jace Henderson, sr., Senior; Breeanna Mason, sr., Skyview.

DS – Deja Fusion, sr., Skyview.

L – Skyler Ortiz, sr., Great Falls; Catherine Sloan, sr., Senior.

Second Team All-Conference

OH – Jessie Buckley, sr., Butte; Tiffany Shearman, sr., Bozeman.

RS – Andee Morton, sr., Bozeman.

MH – Ainsley Perkins, sr., Great Falls; Aubrie Steiner, so., Senior; Madison Struder, sr., Bozeman.

S – Kasey Linksey, sr., Great Falls.

DS – Emily Orvis, jr., Senior; Sammy McGree, sr., Butte.

L – Maggie Green, jr., Bozeman; Tatum Meyer, jr., West.

Honorable Mention All-Conference

RS – Baylee Thatcher, sr., Butte.

MH – Mallory Arbizzani, sr., Skyview; Kennedy Hildebrand, so., West.

S – Christine Wing, sr., West; Kayla Verzuh, sr., Bozeman.

DS – Briley Rowe, so., Senior.

L – Kylie Otis, sr., CMR.


First Team All-Conference

Morgan Ray, jr., Frenchtown; Jaiden Toth, jr., Polson; Jadan Ross, sr., Frenchtown; Haley Belgarde, sr., Columbia Falls; Vanessa Stavish, sr., Frenchtown; Josie Anderson, sr., Frenchtown.

Second Team All-Conference

Hannah England, jr., Libby; Bekah Weaver, sr., Whitefish; Chloie Huerta, sr., Polson; Mahalah Wedel, jr., Libby; Marlow Schulz, sr., Whitefish; Winter Kemppainen, jr., Columbia Falls.

Honorable Mention All-Conference

Shalene Fishel, jr., Columbia Falls; Jessica Hoel, sr., Polson; Ciera Finberg, jr., Columbia Falls; Tiffany Hummer, sr., Columbia Falls; Haley Cyr, jr., Frenchtown; Devon Gallagher, jr., Libby. 


MVP – Joanna Avery, sr., Corvallis.

Coach of the Year – Kasey Arceniega, Corvallis.

First Team All-Conference

Joanna Avery, sr., Corvallis; Josee Pendleton, sr., Dillon; Alex Price, sr., Corvallis; Laura Berner, sr., Corvallis; Penny Gwynn, sr., Hamilton; Kyla Paulsen, sr., Stevensville.

Second Team All-Conference

Katie Patterson, sr., Corvallis; Taryn Judge, sr., Dillon; Taylor Flynn, sr., Anaconda; Kelsey Irwin, jr., Corvallis; MacKinzie Zimmerman, sr., Stevensville; Shannon Casale, so., Hamilton.

Honorable Mention All-Conference

Courtney Moodry, sr., Anaconda; Kaylea Jorgensen, sr., Anaconda; Katie Malachinski, sr., Stevensville; Cierra Lamey, jr., Dillon; Chantel Jessop, sr., Corvallis; Sadie Harrington, sr., Butte Central.


First Team All-Conference

OH – Sabrina Hopcroft, so., Florence; Megan Byrne, jr., Florence; Dani Walker, sr., Deer Lodge; Alaina Madsen, sr., Ronan.

MB – Sierra Tiede, so., Loyola.

S – Bailee Senecal, sr., Deer Lodge.

L – Kristyne Drozdz, jr., Florence.

Second Team All-Conference

OH – Kendra Starkel, jr., Ronan; Lacier Thomas, sr., Deer Lodge.

MB – Michele Christnacht, jr., Deer Lodge; Shannon Eppard, jr., Loyola; Linsday Johnson, jr., St. Ignatius.

S – Rylie Hawkins, so., Florence; Kaylie Durglo, sr., St. Ignatius.

L – Olivia Round, jr., Loyola.


First Team All-Conference

Shasta Wilson, sr., Thompson Falls; Erica Sorlie, sr., Thompson Falls; Logan Beckman, jr., Thompson Falls; Kellie Lundin, sr., Troy; Lana Berg, so., Bigfork; Felicia Earhart, sr., Plains.

Second Team All-Conference

Elliott Peterson, jr., Eureka; Evynn Anderson, jr., Eureka; Tessa Robertson, sr., Bigfork; Marissa Hiza, jr., Bigfork; Shey Hannum, so., Thompson Falls; Angie Padden, sr., Thompson Falls.

Honorable Mention All-Conference

Hannah Price, sr., Eureka; Katie Lundin, sr., Troy; Alanis Stallknecht, sr., Bigfork; Madi Fitchett, jr., Thompson Falls; Corle Morefield, sr., Plains; Hailey Phillips, jr., Plains.


First Team All-Conference

Anna Pence, sr., Philipsburg; Frankie Bignell, sr., Drummond; Paige Fickler, sr., Drummond; Ryan Vicek, sr., Alberton; Nikki Shattuck, sr., Philipsburg; Paige Holmes, so., Seeley-Swan; Kaileigh, Moser, sr., Valley Christian; Taylor Kelly, sr., Valley Christian;

Lauren Dolcater, jr., Darby; Shelby Holmes, sr., Seeley-Swan; Liz Graham, jr., Philipsburg; KeAnna Conley, sr., Seeley-Swan; Sydney Bergren, sr., Darby; Keely Ehmann, jr., Darby; Brielynna Lange, sr., Valley Christian; Abby Erickson, sr., Drummond; Sam Henderson, sr., Drummond.


First Team All-Conference

Gabby Moeller, jr., St. Regis; Aspen Runkel, sr., Charlo; Morgan Malatare, so., Arlee; Meara Schmiedbauer, sr., Hot Springs; Arianna Jones, sr., St. Regis; Alyssa Doty, sr., Charlo.

Second Team All-Conference

Alexis Shick, sr,. Arlee; Sienna Brown, sr., Charlo; Josey Carr, jr., Hot Springs; Michele Smith, sr., Superior; Laurel Schmiedbauer, sr., Hot Springs; Jordan Mueller, jr., Superior.

Honorable Mention All Conference

Violet Pablo, jr., Arlee; Alex Green, sr., Hot Springs; Asiah Jensen, so., Noxon; Madison Foust, jr., Charlo; Michaela Krahn, sr., Charlo; Patience Jones, jr., St. Regis; Madison Hill, fr., St. Regis.

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    Makena Morley gets creative to fund trip to track nationals

    Ever wanted an autographed photo of one of Montana's all-time record-breaking prep runners? Now's your chance. Bigfork High School junior and State B champion of champions Makena Morley is raising money through technology and grass roots to help her reach the New Balance Outdoor High School Track & Field Nationals meet in Greensboro, North Carolina in mid June. And any donors of $25 or more through the fundraising website receive a Morley original complete with signature.  As of this posting, Morley is about 75 percent of the way to her goal of $2,300 for travel and lodging costs for her and her father to the national meet. Events run June 13-15. Morley isn't new to the national running scene, but she appears to be getting create in funding her trips there. She won the West Regional of the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships back in December and then finished eighth in the ensuing national race. "As a junior I have been to 4 national championship races (three in cross country and one for indoor track) but I have never won a national title, so this one is very important to me because I would love for this to be the year for me to win," Morley wrote on her fundraising page. "It is an important year for my college recruiting process, because this is the year when all colleges are looking at you and at what you have accomplished!" IndieGoGo is a kind of online kickstarter to raise money for a cause or idea. It's "the world’s most established crowdfunding platform," according to the organization's website. Crowdfunding is the process of pooling money from many different people for a cause. Morley, a three-time winner of the State B cross country title and Gatorade Runner of the Year for Montana, plans to run the 5,000 meters at the New Balance Nationals along with either the one or two mile. For more about her trip to nationals, or to donate, you can visit her page here.

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    Entry to Montana wrestling's Four-Timers Club just got tougher

    Winning four straight state wrestling titles is hard enough, but the reclassification of weight classes in Montana that began this year will likely make the feat decidedly more difficult. When the Montana High Schools Association shifted from 15 to 13 wrestling classes, it eliminated the weight at which many four-timers wrestled as freshmen. The 98 and 105 weights were combined -- as were 195 and 220 on the upper end -- to form a new hybrid weight of 103 that will leave fewer holes in brackets and dual lineups. But it also adds new competition for the lightest weight, the one typically housing freshmen, by doubling the participants. "It's going to be interesting with the weight changes," said Columbia Falls wrestling coach Jesse Schaeffer, who has a senior in his wrestling room chasing state title No. 4 this week in Shonn Roberts. "I think that's going to maybe reduce that." Twenty-three Montana wrestlers have completed their four-peats and 11 of those started at 98 pounds of lower -- Gene Davis of Missoula County High, the state's first four-timer, won his freshman year at 95 pounds in 1960 before a similar weight shift later in the decade. Add in Roberts, who will compete at 138 pounds when state action begins Friday in Billings but won at 98 in 2012, and that's exactly half. "It's kind of weird since that's what I wrestled at as a freshman," Roberts began, "but 103, the 98-105 mix, I think that's reasonable. It'll make things a little bit tougher." That's hardly the thinking behind merging weights, though. At either extreme ends of the weight scale (195 and 220 became the 205 class) fewer teams -- especially at lower classifications -- could field a full lineup. Many times, too few entrants there led to a state bracket marred by automatic byes and regular season duals that might as well skip on to 105 pounds anyway. The unintended consequence is that 2015 may be near the last time wrestling fans will get a trio of four-time possibles all on the mats at the same time. Sidney's Gresh Jones joins Roberts in the Class A tournament this week at 126 pounds searching for his fourth, while Forsyth's Matt Weber will be the talk of Class B-C with a potential fourth title. Both boys won their first -- and lightest -- at 112 pounds, though.